Trade shows are the number 1 way to get your message direct to clients, promote your product or service, gain strong business leads and connect with others in your field but it’s no secret that exhibiting at a show is a costly experience! Hotel rooms, plane tickets, booth space and general exhibit costs really add up! The trick is maximizing your ROI and minimizing your upfront costs without compromising quality. We’re here to help, we’ve comprised a few tips for keeping your costs down! 

Buy the Display, Don’t Rent

This first tip might seem like the more expensive option and could very well be at the time of purchase but actually, investing in a portable trade show display is a surefire way to save you money in the long run. Renting a display from Freeman every time is going to cost you far more than making the commitment to purchasing a display you can reuse time and time again. We offer a range of easy to set up exhibit booths that are far more affordable than purchasing direct from the conference host or convention center. Our displays are designed to be reusable for years to come, you can even replace the graphics when you update your branding, product or message! 

Go Lightweight and Portable

Heavy, bulky displays are certain to set you back on shipping costs and will eat away at your valuable time at the show too. Check out our QuickZip and Perfect-Pop displays, these pop up displays weigh under 50 lbs so you’d be making big savings on shipping fees. You can eradicate those fees completely if you’re flying to the conference, simply check it on your flight and as it’s under the 50 lbs limit you’d avoid oversize fees too!

Smaller Booth, Bigger Brand

If you’re on a budget for an upcoming exhibit event, perhaps the 20ft booth is not the right option for you. A bigger booth may give off a powerful image and provide more space for networking with potential clients, however, you can have just as much of an impact in a smaller space. A cluttered booth might be a little overwhelming to passers by, so why not consolidate and consider the message you want to show potential clients. We have a team of in house graphic designers that know just how to create and format your branding so that it catches the eye and gives you an advantage against your competitors! Let’s work together to make sure your event space is welcoming, clean cut, to the point and thought provoking. Time to win those leads!

Avoid Hiring at the Convention Center

You’ve already booked your trade show space, you know just how expensive these events can get. Companies like Freeman will often charge above average for simple services and rentals. If you’re in need of Shelving or a TV Stand, why not invest now and reuse for future events? Check out our options and avoid racking up the bill at your trade show! You may find that buying a TV locally in the city of the show rather than renting from the conference is also the cheaper option!

Don’t Overdo it with Promotional Items and Freebies 

It’s a slippery slope when deciding on what promotional items you plan on giving away to the trade show goers you meet. The truth is, most companies will be handing out freebies and brochures too and a lot of it is going to end up in the trash. Instead, consider how you can be unique with what you do hand out. Limit yourself to just one or two handouts/promotional items and push the boat out, come up with something that’s going to make them remember you or even provide something that’s going to be useful to most people. Try not to be just another company handing out a pen or mug!