Trade shows can be costly but there are many ways you can make a big impact while keeping your budget in check. There are many aspects to consider when planning for your event and you want to be sure you have thought of everything to avoid being hit with last minute or unexpected expenses. 

Map out your costs ahead of time:

Thinking about every aspect of your event beforehand will give you the most realistic idea of what you can expect to invest in your trade show experience.  You will need to consider both the cost of getting to and from your show as well as the expenses involved in the event itself. How far away is your event? What is the best way to get your team as well as your set up to the convention center? Will you need electricity at the event? Making sure you have covered every detail so you are not left scrambling last minute is important to get your show off to a strong start. 

Buy don’t rent:

Investing in your display and materials can save you in the long run from costly rentals and union labour. Having a lightweight easy to assemble setup can save you budget in multiple ways. Minimize union costs and also save you a lot of time and hassle being able to walk in with your booth and set it up in minutes. No need to pay freeman or storage charges, maybe portable booths these days can be checked as airline luggage avoiding expensive shipping fees. 

Use social media and other free tools to your advantage:

Social media is a great, cost effective way to get people talking about your business. You can target your audience and really show off your vision. This is the perfect way to get the word out about upcoming events, send out important information, and let potential clients know what you have going on for no or minimal costs. Taking advantage of social media platforms can really boost your brand's visibility. Letting clients and potential leads know when they will have the opportunity for a face to face interaction. There are a lot of benefits to online interactions but conventions can give you a chance to really show off the passion behind your products. 

Make the most of your booth size:

Make the most of your space and use it to your advantage. You do not have to have a large booth to make a huge impact on your client base. Know your audience and use clear and concise images and information to get your message out there. Adding a retractable banner out front or a header to the top of your display will give you extra visibility over and above your competition without breaking the bank. Arrange your space to put yourself front and center so there is a friendly, confident face ready to answer questions and show the passion behind your vision. 

Minimize promotional/paper items:

Most pamphlets and flyers handed out at trade shows are immediately discarded once the attendee leaves the show. Save yourself the cost and switch to digital. If you run a contest or give away consider moving it online. You can have attendees follow your social media pages while they are in your booth, let them know the rules and how to enter online. This will save you the hassle of ballots while letting you gather client data in a more efficient manner.