You’ve invested in the perfect booth and now you need it to last. Taking the proper steps to care for your display will ensure you can continue to use it indefinitely. Taking care during your event may prevent the fabrics from needing to be washed each time but if they happen to get dusty or dirty, be sure you are following the proper care instructions for your specific display.

Taking your time during setup and take down will help you avoid breakage and save you a lot of time and money having to replace parts. Examine your display before and after each event to check for damage. Be careful when packing your booth back up so that it fits properly into its container and will be safe for shipping.

There are many options for traveling with your displays and it may take some planning to decide which is best for you. You could ship it with a trusted carrier or bring it with you if you are driving. Many portable trade show booths are airline friendly and can be checked as luggage if you plan to fly to your convention. Consider the distance and cost and decide the best option for you and for keeping your display safe.

Make sure that you know the proper cleaning procedure for each of your items. You want to be able to clean and maintain them so your fabrics stay vibrant for the foreseeable future. Using the proper techniques will help achieve this. Our tension fabric displays are machine washable to make it convenient to care for your graphics at home. If you wash the materials in between trade shows be sure that they are completely dry before being folded and put away. Store your display in a cool dry facility to ensure no moisture can get in.

These tips and tricks can help protect the investment you have made in your display for as long as possible.