With marketing moving so quickly now and the importance of branding, bringing your booth up-to-date is very essential if you want to catch the attention of potential clients and stand out above your competitors. You are already investing so much to be at shows and build your set up. Let's look at some cost effective ways to make your space pop and really draw attention to your booth. Whether you’re looking to make the transition to a larger space or simply just improve upon your existing display. 

As your company grows you may want to look into expanding your trade show presence as well. One way to do that is to upgrade the size of your booth or maybe add a more modular feature like a hanging sign. If you are moving into a larger booth you can really make your space stand out by adding components like shelving or a media display. Our QuickZip displays series offers many different size configurations for growing businesses, allowing your booth and display to grow with you. 

Ready to upgrade your display but still looking to stick to a 10x10 space? Make the most out of the area by finding the items that work best for your specific needs.  Branded counters, media displays, or banner stands are cost effective ways to make your booth stand out and bring extra attention to your brand. Our QuickZip and Perfect Pop display series have a hard case option that converts into a branded podium for quick set up and one easy case for travel. 

Business moves fast these days and keeping things fresh can really highlight your booth. Another benefit to portable displays is that you can have the graphics swapped out to help you keep things fresh at a nominal cost. You can keep your existing frame and change out the backdrop as needed. This can also be helpful if you have more than one product, service, or target audience. Having multiple fabrics to change for each show or even each day of the event helps you draw in the right crowd. 

Adding a multimedia aspect to your display is the perfect way to draw in more attention and increase your presence. There are so many different ways to accentuate your brand using media. Playing an attention catching video to give passers-by an quick and informative idea about what you have to offer. Having laptops or tablets available to gather prospect information or have attendees follow your social media right on the spot. Social media is an easy way to get information to your clientele and potential customers after the show has ended. 

If you are looking for quick and easy ways to add that extra pop to your booth, banner stands or table throws could be perfect for you. Small and cost effective accents can help complete your look. Customize them to suit your needs, enhance your vision for your booth, and really draw in a crowd. 

Whichever way you decide to go, the most important thing is to find what works for you. Let us help you get equipped with the right tools so you can focus on really making a personal impression and let your display speak for itself.