By now you must know that trade shows are often stressful and time consuming as well as expensive! Once you have endured through the work that goes into attending a show you’ll realize why companies do it though! Trade shows, conventions, marketing events, and exhibitions, are often the best opportunity to generate a broader clientele and build business relationships. We have some tips for mastering and maximizing your time at the show, whether this is your first event or if you’re a seasoned veteran of convention halls, use this advice to increase your ROI and expand your business with high quality leads!

Set Targets For Yourself

This is a great way to focus in on what you want to achieve by going to the show. I mean, how can you really tell if the convention was successful or not? At least when setting goals it will help keep your eye on the prize! Your targets can be as simple as talk to X amount of new leads, book X number of meetings, have X follow-ups after the event, etc. Setting goals will not only give your team solid direction on what they should be aiming to do but it will also give you something to quantify after the show is finished! 

Use Social Media to Help Promote the Event

Most trade show attendees will plan out their schedule and goals before turning up at the show. So you need to get the word out that you’re attending, there is a good chance that some of your followers will be at the show so let them know you’re going to be there! Use e-blasts and social media to announce to the world you’re going to be at the show and you want to connect! Pre-event promotion is a great way to tell attendees where they can find you, along with the deals/offers that will be available.

Looks are Everything

Trade show displays represent your brand and make the first impression with potential new leads. Don’t expect the results you’re hoping for if you show up to the show with just some literature on a table, standing in front of a retractable banner or a velcro display. This is your opportunity to impress, you’ve already spent thousands of dollars to attend, the display you stand in front of should represent your brand well! Fortunately, you don’t need to break the bank to look amazing at your show. Check out our QuickZip range, a cost effective way to showcase your company in the best light!

Have Fun!

No one wants to know that you aren’t having a good time and don’t want to be there! Make sure you always have a smile on your face, dress appropriately. Stand up and welcome attendees, be approachable and friendly! Have fun without being unprofessional, make clients want to talk to you, it goes a very long way!

Follow Ups are Key!

This is CRUCIAL! If your team isn’t following up with the leads gained at the show then what was the point of attending? Make sure you’re collecting the important data and information you need to connect with the potential client so that after the show you can continue to build that rapport and turn the lead into business for your company! Make sure you and your team are organized, keep good record of the business cards and take notes about anything you discussed or had in common with the attendee that could be brought up again to break the ice. Trade show goers meet a lot of people and see a lot of exhibits, make sure you’re on top of your competition by letting the client know their business is important to you!