Whether you are planning for future outdoor events or your business needs have changed due to the ongoing restrictions from Covid-19 it’s important to assess our needs and find exactly which products will work for your space. 

Outdoor events are a whole different experience. Be sure to evaluate your goals and objectives to be sure this type of trade shows is right for you. Be sure that you are marketing to your target audience and that this event will produce relevant leads to help grow your business. 

Visit your space beforehand. Outdoor events are unique and your space may be marked off but you will want to be sure that you know where you will be located. Check in to see if there are any rules or regulations that need to be followed for your space. This will help things run smoothly when the day final comes. Getting familiar with your space can help you decide the best way to exhibit. A printed tent is a great way to mark your space and show off your branding, keep your staff out of the sun, and offer a comfortable environment for attendees. 

Consider the weather and dress for the elements. Many outdoor events do not have an indoor space as a backup if the weather takes a turn. A tent with walls may give you extra protection in the case of bad weather. If you have a smaller setup be sure to have covers ready for your tables or shelves should the forecast call for rain. On the other side of that, be sure you have water, snacks, and proper cover should you be out for long periods of time in the sun or heat. Other things to consider are proper footwear, for example, if your booth will be set up on grass.. Do you need items like sunblock or bug repellent? The weather can have a major impact on your staff's performance so be sure to discuss the forecast in advance and be sure to dress accordingly and take possible changes into account. 

Once you have looked over your space and decided on the best setup, it’s time to decide which accessories will really bring your display together. Adding things like an outdoor flag or standing sign can add some extra branding and let people know why you are there.