There are many ways to make sure that your next exhibition is successful, from the first stages of planning to the impression you leave at the event. You’ve locked in your booth, you know what space you have to work with and now it’s time to get planning. Your display will be front and center in grabbing the attention of passers-by. Finding the right setup and working with a great designer can help you get your message across in a direct and professional way. 

Send out invitations to current and top prospects. Let them know what shows you’ll be attending and how where they can find you. Promote upcoming events on your website and social media platforms. Creating buzz around your event can help you get a step ahead of competition as attendees will already be looking for you. 

You’ve spent a lot of time, money, and effort preparing for your event and now it’s time for your hard work to pay off. Trade shows are full of attendees browsing the aisles, it’s up to you to stand out and draw them in. Having the right equipment can help you make the right statement. Making the most of your space and choosing the right aspect to highlight your brand will make all the difference. Do you have multimedia aspects, or need shelving to show off products? Planning out your space wisely will set you up for success. 

Your main goal is to create an inviting brand experience that captures people's attention.  Let attendees know what it is you do and why you’re the best at it but you want them to feel like they are learning about you more than being sold to. Be assertive but not aggressive, draw them in with simple open ended questions to get the conversation going. There is a lot going on visually and it can be overwhelming to attendees. Appealing to their other senses as well, like having a comforting smell or physical products or samples for them to touch can be stimulating and really draw focus to your booth. Making engagement and networking a priority gives you a huge opportunity to build connections with top prospects and create confidence in your company. 

You’ve drawn them in and now is your time to shine. Be friendly, approachable, and always be prepared. You know your business better than anyone and now is the time to prove it. You're ready to show potential clients exactly why you are the solution to their needs. Face-to-face interactions like this are a unique way to show off your passion and who you are as a company. This is your chance to build your client base and gather future leads. Having a media component in your booth so you can collect client information or have them find you on social media in real time can be really impactful. Something like the Infinity Kiosk is the perfect multifunctional feature with a monitor mount to play informational videos. It also comes with a tablet mount for mailing lists or social media opportunities. You want to offer a personal experience with each person that comes by your booth so that you can continue to build those relationships once the show has ended.