You can promote a lot of buzz for your events well in advance. Social media is a great tool to help get the word out and create excitement around your upcoming exhibition. There are a lot of useful ways to utilize these platforms prior-to, during, and after your trade shows. 

Leading up to your next convention you can get the word out early by posting when and where people can find you during the show. A lot of new products are introduced at conventions, putting out a teaser video can get attendees excited for what you will be unveiling. You can find out the event's official Hashtag and start following it leading up to the show to find trends and top prospects. Use this tag along with one created specifically for your brand to promote your booth. Create a strategy with your team before the show.

During the event you can use Instagram and Facebook to post photos and videos of the booth you worked so hard to create. You can also live streams events or discussions to draw a crowd. 

A lot of time and effort was put into the design and production of your booth. Now is your chance to show it off. You can document the different stages of your experience and share them with your social media following. Grab some shots during setup and of your final assembled product to show off. This is a fun and inclusive way to interact with your clients and give them a bit of a behind the scenes look at your process. 

If you will be offering demonstrations or running a contest you can use social media to promote these events and let people know. You can record these events or live stream them to your feeds during the presentation. Get your team involved! Go over your social media standards and goals for the show. They will be on the flooring interacting with everyone and have the perfect opportunity to catch highlights and great moments for your platforms.